21 Writer Problems

  1. When people think writing is a hobby rather than an unshakeable compulsion.

  2. When your granny laughs at your epic plot for a best-selling novel.

  3. When none of your hoard of unused notebooks is quite suitable for the task at hand.

  4. When you can’t find the right pen.

  5. When you come up with the perfect title for your WIP moments before you fall asleep and you wake up remembering that it may have had vowels in it somewhere but you’re not sure.

  6. When you run out of tea and have to leave the house.

  7. When your S/O is trying to have a serious conversation but you’re mentally planning the murder of an unsuspecting character.

  8. When your cat decides that you haven’t shown it enough affection recently and parks itself on your notebook, preventing you from writing that very intense, stressful scene you were in the middle of.

  9. When you want to write but you have a day job.

  10. When you don’t have time for all that outlining, world-building, aesthetic planning, and Pinterest character board creating because you’re too busy writing.

  11. When your character won’t do what you want them to do.

  12. When people don’t understand that just because you’re the author doesn’t mean that you actually have any control over the plot or characters.

  13. When a character you like dies.

  14. When a character won’t die (see #11).

  15. When you want to put dragons in absolutely everything.

  16. When you have too many words and you can’t get them all down before they disappear to be lost forever.

  17. When your brain short-circuits for no apparent reason and you have no words.

  18. When you have thousands and thousands of words at your disposal but none of them are the right one.

  19. Worrying that, as a pantser, if something happens to you, no one is going to be able to finish your novel properly (not that they could anyway).

  20. Editing.

  21. When some unimaginative killjoy won’t publish your book because it doesn’t have vampires in it so they’re convinced no one will read it.

And a bonus number 22:

  1. When someone writes fan fiction based on your novel (double combo bonus if they add vampires).

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